Swagbucks Review

Company Overview

Swagbucks.com is a rewards and loyalty-program operator operated by Prodege LLC, and based in El Segundo, California.Members of the Swagbucks program are able to earn and redeem SB in a variety of ways through the Swagbucks website and mobile apps. While a single SB is generally worth 1 US cent (¢), the value may be greater when used for certain rewards.

Ways to Earn Money

Swagbucks has the most ways to earn money that I have seen with any website. I am going to list them all out for you here, but below I will share with you which ones are the best and how to best use them.

  • Shop at your favorite retailers through Swagbucks
  • Use Swagbucks search
  • Watch video clips and trailers on your computer and phone
  • Play games
  • Answer opinion surveys
  • Discover trial offers (paid and free)
  • Daily Polls
  • Complete Tasks
  • Redeem Swag Codes
  • Achieve your daily goal of Swagbucks (Winning streaks earn even more. e.g. achieving your goal 7 days in a row)
  • Read online articles on Encrave
  • Print and use coupons from their site
  • Install Swagbucks toolbar or extension (depending on browser)


  • A legit, paying company
  • Many options for making money
  • Has a variety of payouts, including Paypal and Amazon
  • Is available to teenagers and 5 countries
  • Gives high bonuses


Swagbucks is a legitimate way for Newbie can get started. It’s also simple and fun which as mentioned, is great for someone to earn their first dollar online.

Top 3 Paid Survey Sites

Top Paid Survey Reviews

Founded in Glendale, California, Survey Junkie has been in business since 2013. Survey Junkie is one of the best paid survey sites available in multi countries.
Vindale provides its members with a genuine way to earn money from home.They states that they have worked with global brands such as Amazon.
  •   Earn up to $50 per completed survey
  •   Get paid CASH,not points
  •   Membership is 100% FREE
  •   $7,939,326+ already paid to members