Nielsen Research Review

Company Overview

Nielsen Paid Surveys is a branch of Nielsen Company, LLC, a company dedicated to providing performance management solutions for clients around the world. Nielsen Digital Voice functions as an app, which users download to their devices, and then continue surfing the internet as usual. The app tracks usage of websites in order to provide information to their corporate clients, while members earn points and potentially large prizes via the company's monthly sweepstakes. It is very easy to use.

Ways to Earn Money

  • Online surveys
  • Test unreleased products
  • Surveys for Hispanics
  • Mobile app
  • Sweepstakes


  • Multiple surveys per month maximizes earning potential
  • Fast reward processing time, usually about three days
  • No minimum redemption balance
  • Pay on time
  • Multiple reward options
  • NO survey disqualifications
  • Good Customer Service


Nielsen may be the best pick if you are okay with installing a tracking application on your computer or mobile device, which follows your internet usage, in exchange for prizes and other incentives. Since the app does its own research with zero additional participation from its users, it's hands-off and simple to use.

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